Serious harm or death can occur in a medical setting, when a patient is under the care of a licensed physician, or in a hospital, or nursing home, if the appropriate standard of care is not met.

Such patients are at their most vulnerable, and the consequences of preventable medical mistakes are devastating.  Medical malpractice lawsuits serve dual purposes; to take the often crippling financial pressure off the patient and their family, and to highlight areas in the hospital or medical facility where improvement is needed, so that the same mistake can be avoided for future patients.

My office engages top experts in all medical fields to pursue these highly-technical and hard-fought cases on behalf of very sick clients, and the Estates of those who have died because of medical malpractice.

Construction sites are dangerous places, and New York's Labor laws demand appropriate safety measures to prevent injuries and deaths. Money-saving short-cuts can cost lives. Building contractors, owners and construction management companies are required to ensure that the rules are followed so that injuries don't happen - regardless of the worker's immigration status.

Automobile accidents account for a high percentage of serious injuries and fatalities. With over 18 years' of experience representing individuals, and the families of deceased individuals, injured in auto accidents - driver, passenger, bicyclist and pedestrian - I take on the insurance companies to obtain just compensation for my clients.

These cases are about dignity for seniors and those recovering from major surgery. Painful pressure sores develop on bed-ridden patients who are neglected, not turned over, and ignored by nursing home staff. There are very specific protocols for the care of these patients, and the pain of bed sores can easily be prevented.

Unfortunately the protocols are not always followed. If this happens and the patient gets hurt, take action so that it doesn't happen to someone else.

A human being has no "replacement value", and the best you can do is to make sure their next-of-kin are provided for.

New York's Estate Powers and Trusts Law allows a representative of the deceased to pursue justice on their behalf, and on behalf of their family.

My office represents the Estate of a deceased person in personal injury and medical malpractice cases, including Estate Administration proceedings in Surrogates Court, NYC, Westchester and Nassau.

My office will pursue compensation for injuries due to negligence on City, State or commercial property.

In New York City, the Administrative Code confers responsibility for sidewalk safety on the adjacent businesses, which are required to be insured for these losses. In certain exceptions, the City as a municipal entity retains responsibility, and often if can be the responsibility of a State or Federal agency. These cases should not be complicated, but they are: they have time-sensitive and very technical requirements, which require adept handling.

Some insurance carriers will try to deny or minimize claims - even from their own insureds. Effective legal representation in these situations will level the playing field, and hold insurance companies to their promises.

It goes without saying, when it comes to significant claims, you are far better off with an attorney representing you than you will ever be, trying to deal with an insurance company on your own.