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*Upon consultation and subject to Retainer, I will:

  • investigate your case
  • prepare all paperwork
  • advance case expenses
  • obtain records
  • review medical records
  • consult experts
  • present claims
  • follow up
  • prepare and file all court papers
  • investigate liens
  • draft pleadings and all litigation papers
  • exchange discovery
  • appear in court
  • take depositions
  • engage in motion practice
  • subpoena records
  • engage in settlement negotiations where appropriate
  • draft all papers necessary to accomplish settlement
  • secure all records for trial
  • appear at trial
  • draft trial memoranda
  • prepare submissions
  • try your case
  • draft, file, and conclude estate administration proceedings (in a wrongful death matter)
  • resolve liens
  • and work hard to ensure that your case is handled in a thorough and professional manner.

*A copy of the emergency room record will expedite this process.  Please note, no attorney-client relationship is established until a Retainer agreement is signed.