Prehospital (paramedic) negligence

In this case, a young father of 4 kids had a severe allergic reaction at home that prompted a call to '911'.  Upon arrival, the Municipal paramedics failed to give him Epinephrine - the  1st medication called for in the prehospital protocols - and delayed getting him to the hospital while they tried giving him nebulized albuterol instead.  He passed out and went into cardiac arrest, and instead of immediately intubating and defibrillating him with the equipment on hand, they elected to simply transport or "bus" him to the hospital while he was in respiratory arrest, and after a 5 minute journey, he was brought into the ER with severe brain damage, caused by oxygen deprivation.  This gentleman lost his best chance at surviving a common allergic reaction, because of  negligent paramedic treatment.


Significant seven-figure settlement for the benefit of his next-of-kin.