June 15, 2018


my mother was very sickly and her permanent home health aid went on vacation . They sent in 3 new aids that violated there oath and company policy several times. my mother fell several times and they did nothing to report it or call a ambulance, and even lied about her falling on video. this happened within 10 day of my mother passing away . her autopsy only say she passed from a blood clot that reached her chest.
the state followed up with my complaints and found the agency and aids guilty of not following protocol and rules for a home health agency, she hit her head each time she fell and had small bruises, can i sue the agency on any grounds


The autopsy is a crucial report. Cause of death needs to be attributable to the violations the home health aids were found guilty of. If because of their errors, the autopsy supports a theory that because she was left untreated her death was accelerated, you may then have a case. If the autopsy closes the door on such a theory, you probably would not. An expert medical opinion would have to be obtained. Get a copy of her medical records before seeing a medical malpractice lawyer.

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