May 12, 2014


“I Contacted the funeral home the day after my husband passed and wanted to set up an appointment for arrangements but, before I was able to arrive my in laws prepared everything. I did not sign any papers and he was cremated and buried without my consent. The funeral home owners knew I was next of kin and friends of my in laws ( they are bullies) which then I was treated very unfairly and unjust. My in laws tried to get appointed administrator but, the courts obviously ruled me the position. When I even asked for ashes they told me told me there was very little and then gave me a small amount not until after the burial.Thank you all for your advice. To the question " how did this happen without my knowledge?" I work on the road and was away from home when he was killed in an accident. I contacted the funeral home to make arrangesment when i returned the next day but, my in laws had already had met with them and made all the plans behind my back. I was not even mentioned during the service and then my in laws wanted me to pay them even though the insurance company payed the funeral home for all they expenses. They've always mistaken my niceness as weakness as my husband would say.


I'm hoping you already have a personal injury lawyer pursuing a case for your husband's fatal accident. If not, you should get one quickly. Since you are the administratrix of his estate, any lawsuit to recover compensation on his behalf would be brought in your name. As for your in-laws beating you to the funeral parlor and making the arrangements, did your husband leave a will? All these questions should be discussed with a lawyer. Good luck.

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