March 6, 2015


NY hospitals have something called a CPEP unit within the ED, MOST people, Lawyers, even Doctors have never heard of this program within a EMERGENCY DEPT! Including the unsuspecting patients who become victims left under the radar. and also read: A person can walk into the ED, not knowing about the CPEP program. A cpep intake report done, (accurate with most facts)
A person then is put in a back room, (due to no beds avail) stays over night in this room.
Then picked up via wheelchair escort attendant, and Fully Armed Police Guard, hand on gun. escorted to another part of the hospital, and left there. No 72 observ. No Medical Assessment!


I think I've seen similar questions about this on here. I believe CPEP is administered by an agency of the State (Office of Mental Health Services), and is the point of entry to the State's mental health system. I think the regulations permit a person experiencing a "psychiatric crisis" to be held for "observation" for 72 hours. If I'm not mistaken, a social worker can do the evaluation, but for involuntary committal a psychiatrist's decision is needed. Since you're contemplating suing a State agency, be aware that there is a strict Notice of Claim requirement as a pre-condition to filing suit (and it must be filed within 90 days of the claim arising). Good luck.

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