May 19, 2014


My back ground is zero history of mental illness or violence prior to a one time incident!
Summary: Went to a ED for sudden onset of a 1x incident. from there was of coarse admitted. when discharged, started at another facility for continued out patient that they made me agree to do, it was closer to where I now had no choice but to live. been going there ever since. due to recent patient disclosure that was accidental, for the first time months ago, was this O.P. disagreed with the I.P. diagnosis, so I got all my medicals asap! I am able to prove not only was I misdiagnosed a first time, as proven by the O.P. but also misdiagnosed a second time as well by them. I have suffered Huge damages. FACT IS THE "PROVISIONAL DIAGNOSIS" given in the ED was NEVER PROVEN by any further testing etc!


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