August 15, 2014


I am interested in finding an excellent medical malpractice attorney who has tried cases on behalf of elderly clients who were victim to a misdiagnosis or poor medical care in a hospital. I have reached out to several malpractice attorneys who have rejected the case based on the plaintiff's old age and the fact that plaintiff does not have dependents or lost wages, etc., so they do not believe the case is worth their time. Can you advise how I can go about finding someone who is accustomed to trying cases similar to the one I described: elderly patient victim of medical malpractice at a hospital?


If you were more specific about the condition misdiagnosed and the consequences the patient suffered at the hospital, and, as my colleagues have noted, the effects this had on the patient (bedsores, infection, additional surgery, etc.), you would get better answers here. Some of the "big" med mal firms will only take what they consider "big" cases, and it appears their concern about a pure 'pain and suffering' case for a patient with reduced life expectancy may not be worth their while. It's just a matter of you finding the right lawyer who's willing to take the case on. A 'day in the life' videotape of the patient helps preserve evidence of their suffering in the event that they pass away. before the case gets to trial.

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