What is my bets way to prove dental implant and teeth injuries in a trip fall premises liablity accident as a pedestrian?

December 7, 2017


I hve a checkkered dental history due to medicatios for cystic acne in the 80stherefore some decay was caused by meds. My accident of 2016 I had top implants that were loose and infected and I have seen a dentist @ 6 times due to this. A type over bridge that snaps onto 4 impalnts was also broken. This was noted in the EMT ambulette report but carrier will contest all so far the building owner is not relizing liablity although clear-All happy holidays to everyone I was a passer by at a building site


Photos of a bleeding mouth immediately following your trip and fall accident would be compelling evidence, however, since this particular injury is noted in the Ambulance Call Report (check also the Emergency Room record), you can establish a direct link to the accident. Your dental records - indicating a traumatic event on the date of your accident - should put you over the top. Good luck.

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