June 3, 2014


how does you find a attorney when the lawyer you had held your case for almost three years and his own experts all agree that the doctor deviated from standard of care but now saids changes are I could have ended up with the same end result when no doctor has ever said this. How can you fight for what is right when if a lawyer is going after a fast quit case and the expert he depended on the defense use but he[s not willing to spend any more money. On top of that other lawyers are hesitant because they can't believe a lawyer would throw away a 3 and one half year case. My question is are there any more honest attorneys who do not sabotage a case because it's not a quick fix or because they put there monies on a particular attorney and now everybody else tells you the same incorrect answ


So, if I'm understanding you correctly, your lawyer wants to be relieved as counsel because he doesn't want to spend any more money on another expert, but others are discouraged because your old lawyer wants his disbursements paid before he turns over the file to someone new? Hmmm. You haven't said what the specifics of your case are, but you're probably better off speaking privately with a med mal attorney about this.

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