January 29, 2015


I am a Flight Attendant, on my way home from work last Saturday I was exiting the bus from the rear and I fell. I was taken to the ER and X-Rays showed I suffered a Patellar Fracture. I have to see the foot Dr on Feb 2nd 2015 to determine the progress. I am unable to work right now but I am in no position to miss work. Can you advise me what I can do. I look forward to hearing from someone soon.
Thank You


A patellar fracture is a serious injury. If it was a City bus, and you were dropped off in an unsafe manner, or there was something on the step that caused you to slip, etc., my advice would be to "lawyer up" because there's a strict Notice of Claim requirement. If you have no worker's comp coverage for your after-work trip home (and that's something you can ask your HR person), your only option would be to pursue a claim against the bus company. If an ambulance was at the scene, there's probably a bus operator's report too. A police report would also be good. Call a personal injury lawyer - you won't be charged for a consultation.

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