August 24, 2015


Left hand break, dislocations and fractures. NYPD refused to come to scene of accident.
He was hit by tractor trailer.
He then went to police station and waited an hour and police still refused to write report.
He is in the VA hospital.
Hospital refused to get involved when he asked them to have police visit hospital to file report.
Severe injury on left hand. He is left handed.
He will need surgery.
Needs attorney immediately to guide now.

Will post more as I learn. I am posting for friend.


I'm curious as to why the police refused to respond. That's pretty unusual. He can always file his own accident report with the DMV. Of course, the plate number of the tractor trailer would be needed to trace it - if he doesn't have that (and this was a hit and run), an MVAIC claim can be made. If this was not a pedestrian knock-down, and he was in a vehicle, his own insurance may cover it. Either way, he's going to need a personal injury lawyer.

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