January 16, 2015


I slipped and fell on the walkway of the house where I am renting broom. Accident happened on property not on public sidewalk. Land lady being foreclosed upon but bank is paying insurance and there is coverage. Went yo primary doctor and emergency, cat scan negative. Injury was upper back and back of head. Pain still prrisits after 4 days. Will see orthopedist. At this point unsure about extent of injury, all i know i have tremendous pain in the back. Question, I have incurred medical expenses and so far last few days of pay. Should I see an insurance adjuster or lawyer?


You shouldn't be in contact with any insurance adjuster without a lawyer - adjusters work for the insurance companies, and they can use anything you say to them as a predicate for denying your claim. See a local lawyer - personal injury lawyers don't charge for consultations. You will be much better off with representation.

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