Should I sue for choking on foreign object in cereal?

June 9, 2014


This morning I choked on something (that was not cereal) from a Tops brand cereal, after freaking out it than started to pound/push on my lower chest, after several times it finally came out. If it would have stayed in my thoat for 30 more seconds I would have passed out, and my kid would have woke up to his dad dead on the floor. And also as scary, that was my kids cereal, I only had some because I ran out of mine., one of them could have choked, im pretty pissed and very concerned about all their cereal. Should I sue them? If so do I have a good enough case? I still have the object and have already been in contact with the company.


As frightened as you were, luckily the foreign object popped out and, although shaken by the experience, you're alright. Because of that, a lawsuit would not be worth pursuing (you can't sue for what might have happened), but maybe the company will offer you something for your trouble.

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