June 2, 2014


Would I be able to sue this salon? I went into this salon and had my hair cut...I was experiencing a bit of tension coming from the stylist. .because I was sure about what I wanted to do with my hair...And she wouldn't listen....she first ruined the color rinse in my hair...but that wasn't the issue. I finally complained to the manager. ...The stylist had an attitude....so while cutting my hair she took a razor to layer my hair and deliberately cut off parts of my hair close to my scalp ... leaving my hair missing in certain spots...I went back to the salon after realizing what had happened. ...They won't refund my money. ...After the bad service and the neglect and professionalism of the stylist.
Can I sue the salon?


You could bring a case against them in small claims court to get your money back, but you likely will have to do it yourself. Take photos to document the damage and attach them to your claim. There's help for the 'self-represented' in small claims court, so if you really want to, go in person to small claims court.

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