My wife went in for a LEEP procedure and the doctor I believe screwed up big time do I have a case? see situation

August 7, 2018


My wife went for a LEEP procedure this week and while in the office it was supposed to be a 10 min procedure. We were there for over 3 hours (procedure took about 2 hours and doctor had to call another doctor in for help because she had trouble) after loosing more blood than child birth in the office and fainting from all the blood loss they had to call EMT’s to rush her to the hospital ER... While in the hospital ER we were made aware that she had lost way to much blood and had to be admitted. The doctor kept apologizing saying in all her time this never happened to her. My wife is literally traumatized by the situation! They 1st gave a small local anesthetic which did not take any effect and she kept screaming how she was in pain when the other doctor walked in and saw her he immediately asked for more local anesthesia to numb the area as he saw she was in massive amounts of pain and feeling everything... Any advice would help... the doctor keeps calling and texting her to check in and see if she is ok I believe she knows she was way in the wrong. (She spent 24 hours in the ER and Observation room in the hospital receiving pain medicine and IV fluids)


The gynecologist may be calling and texting out of genuine concern, but you might ask why so much tissue from the cervix was excised, and the extent of the dysplasia. Was it extensive? Why did they have to cut so deep? What explanation do they have for the (excessive) bleed? You will of course also want to know the pathology result of this diagnostic test. Try to get answers from the gynecologist first. Whether it's worth pursuing as a legal case will depend on any permanent damage done (after a second obgyn has reviewed the chart), and other factors. Best of luck.

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