October 3, 2014


My testicals mainly left one, penis, and groin where in unbearable paon. I couldn't pee. my prostate was enlarged . i saw a urologyst. He gave me 100 antibiotics nothing got better. also pain meds barley worked. i wouldn't pee for days. The urologyst decided to remove my left tstical. Nothing got better. I went to roswell cancer institute for a second opinion when the urolygyst said i wasn't old enough to know what real pain was. Roswell sent me to a nurourologyst at ecmc in Buffalo. He did some tests antibiotics mris and said my vertabre slipped and pinched nerves to my prostate and groin area. I went Buffalo nurosurgery and had a back fusion. i pees 30 min after surgery and have had no problems since!!! Do i have a case!!


The fact that the groin pain was later discovered to be secondary to a nerve entrapment indicates the urologist probably misdiagnosed you and went ahead with an orchiectomy that turned out to be unnecessary. If that's all there was to it, in my opinion you would definitely have a case. You don't say how old you are, or whether you had other issues with the removed testicle, but I would recommend that you contact a medical malpractice lawyer, who will obtain your records, and have them reviewed by an expert. Based on what you're saying, it sure looks like a very clear case.

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