My lawyer seems to act so nonchalant when I call him to ask him stuff about my case. Do lawyers usually act like this?

June 9, 2014


When I call my lawyer to ask him a question about my case, it is like he blows me off and hangs up with me after some real fast talk. He never gives me a straight answer. It is like my case is a big secret. Why won't this lawyer give me a straight solid answer. This makes me so mad because I paid him a lot of money just for him to blow me off. I don't think so. Should I be worried about this at all. Maybe it is because this is a misdemeanor case and he is not worried about it Someone help..


Your frustration is clear from your question. Personally, I would never talk to a client like that, but he could just be one of those personalities, and in his mind it will all work out regardless of whether he explains every detail to you or not. Write him a letter or send a fax or email if you can't get through on the phone.

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