June 9, 2014


My attorney brought me to an expert witness who stated I have a good dental case. After i signed the agreement it took one year for him to ask me who pulled my teeth out ,so I hired another attorney. This attorney fought with my expert witness and so the expert quite my case, I wasn't told by the ESQ. I paid 5,000.00 to my lawyer for the expert and the expert never received it. I told the attorney he has to find another witness but he says he wants out. That was the only money I had.


You say the expert never received their fee, but since you were examined by the expert, they most likely billed for that visit and their review of your records. If you had an agreement with your original attorney to front expert costs, you could be out of luck. You need an adequate explanation from both attorneys you hired and a copy of the invoices in your file. The expert would still be entitled to receive payment if they examined you and reviewed your records, regardless of whether a third lawyer would want to take the case.

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