January 6, 2015


My husband passed during a medical malpractice suit. I became administrator. After 8 yrs, I took their offer 07/14. Courts have signed the decree & I have signed all release forms for the 2nd time. Now my attorney tells me there are concessions that have to be settled? I'm aware that in the state of NY the insurance company has 21 days to issue a check, what is the best way for me to follow up on the statues of the check without talking to my lawyer?"There are no liens, and as for why I'm trying to circumvent my attorney, I'm beginning to distrust him based on the runaround I've been getting as of late. Since late November to be exact.


If, as your question suggests, a decree has issued from the Surrogate's Court allocating and distributing the settlement funds, all liens would already have been accounted for. I doubt your lawyer used the word "concessions' as that doesn't make any sense. You should talk to your lawyer and get clarity.

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