July 5, 2018


My fiance Gilbert Streeter slipped in rikers island (AMKC), it was water on the floor. When he slipped they left him there on the floor for a hour, It's been 3 days and he cant feel his back; can't feel his arms. He's been feeling dizzy, short of breath. They still have yet to take him to get checked out. They only took him to the nurse.


Tough case to prove without evidence of how long the water was on the floor. You also need medical evidence of an actual injury - not from a nurse, from an orthopedic surgeon, preferably. If this happened to an inmate, the Dept. of Corrections are unlikely to help your claim, and simply hand over video surveillance footage in response to a complaint - you need a lawyer to file an Order to Show Cause for preservation of evidence, and to file a Notice of Claim within 90 days of the event. It is a little hard to believe that a person was laying on the ground for ONE HOUR after falling, but that's what you say. It's not going to be an easy case. You need a lawyer that handles prison cases. Good luck.

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