September 21, 2017


My fiance was involved in a motorcycle accident where a car hit him while he had the right of way. He has broken ribs collapsed lung internal bleeding and difficulties with breathing to name a few. We were getting ready for our wedding next month as well as getting ready to start a family. I have ginekologist appointments made since June to make sure I'm healthy to reproduce. We are unable to have sexual intercourse because it might cause too much pressure on his lungs, affect his breathing and cause him to be hospitalized again. Is it something I can take legal action against the other party as it affects out lives negatively and interrupts with our future.


He's a lucky guy marrying someone who cares as much as you, clearly. Hopefully, his injuries will heal, and there won't be any significant delay in starting your family. Obviously, if he hasn't got one already, your fiance needs a lawyer for his accident case. The insurance company should certainly be apprised of how this accident caused such a set-back in his life.

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