April 16, 2018


11/04/16 sergeon performed an improper right inguinal surgery. The sergeon said the pain I feel was not caused by him and walked me out of his office 5 weeks after the surgery.

3/23/17 Second sergeon repared the right inguinal hernia by removing half the mesh which was overlapped pinching the right inguinal auxiliary nerve, which had to be removed with the mesh. The mesh was also strangling the right inguinal canal restricting the blood flow to the right testicle, which was corrected by the second sergeon.

9/29/17 Third sergeon had to remove a hydrocele off of the right testicle caused by the first Sergeon.

Only 80% healed. Last option is to severe the right main inguinal nerve.


I know Riverhead, and it can be a tough venue for medical malpractice cases. My advice would be to hire a trial lawyer who has specifically handled inguinal repair cases in Suffolk county. Good luck.

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