November 28, 2016


I tore my Achilles tendon at work back in July. The orthopedist told me originally it would be 4 weeks recovery, and put me in a cam boot. After 4 weeks it wasn't healed so they told me another two weeks, so after that visit they put me in an achillotrain which is like an ace bandage with a heel lift. The pain didn't go away and the doctor told me they rushed me out of the boot because they thought because I was young it would heal. The pain didn't go away, so they put me back in the cam boot. That was 6 weeks ago, and got a MRI to check what was going on and they saw it was only partially healed with the tear still clearly visible. Now I may need surgery which is about another 16 weeks. Is there anything I should be concerned about malpractice wise?


Underestimating the recovery time for an Achilles tendon tear is not going to land a physician in hot water for malpractice, in my opinion. So, you didn't heal well? - it happens, everyone is different. Smokers, diabetics, the elderly; all kinds of people heal differently. You need surgery? That doesn't necessarily mean the doctor did anything wrong. It probably just means you need surgery. Best of luck.

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