September 27, 2018


I was asked to submit a demand/ request letter on hospital negligence case in New York. I’m asking for 25,210,000. I was misdiagnosed and given medication sent to another hospital with an infection. I was given emergency spinal cord surgery. I still suffer from paralysis today. My husband is my sole care taker. He quit is carpenter job of 19 yr @$40yr. I have been able to seek neurological or physical therapy care due to cost.


First or all, where is your lawyer in all this? You need to be asking for their guidance. The settlement value of any given case will usually fall on the spectrum of similar cases handled at the same venue where you file suit, and depends on a wide variety of extremely case-specific factors. A realistic demand is more effective at conveying the seriousness of the case than an unrealistic demand. Please don't be guided by what you see on tv commercials (I can't stress this enough!).

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