Is limited ROM & discomfort after surgery of a finger on dominant hand considered a medical malpractice injury?

March 1, 2018


I had three procedures done by a hand specialist 8/17. The two procedures done on my left (dominant) hand have had problems shortly after my surgery. I had surgical release of trigger thumb & excision of a cyst from the knuckle of my index finger. I was told I would numb for a few days but I didn’t regain feeling in my thumb & index finger fully until 3.5 months later. Both before & immediately after surgery I was told I wouldn’t need therapy. On my second post surgical follow up I was given a script for occupational therapy because I significant edema & limited ROM. I went for months but now my insurance will no longer pay for OT. I purchased equipment to use at home & diligently have done the exercises I was given but my finger isn’t as it was. I am unable to straighten my index finger, it is bent from the middle joint. I also cannot bend the last joint & bring it towards my palm. It is difficult to grasp things; I have significantly less strength & find it difficult to write. Dr says for me not to worry about straightening it because that’s not how a finger is used & he doesn’t want me to revert back to when I couldn’t bend it.


Three surgeries seems like a lot - it depends on what had happened to your hand... If you caught it in machinery, the three surgeries may have been necessary to restore some function. A hand surgeon who reviews your chart may say that limited ROM and discomfort after surgery is to be expected. There really is not enough information to answer your question. A second opinion from another hand surgeon will be required.

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