June 27, 2014


I hired a roofing const. co rated no 1 on long island to replace roof from Sandy.This company subbed it out-which I didn't- they wore company shirts from my original company-worker got hurt-leg injury on my roof-now the orginal co won't pay his medical bills or workers comp so he hired a law firm and suing me-as third party- as well as the original company I hired-will this be thown back to orginal const. co. or will I-and my ins co. be liable also...thansk


You may be liable IF you were "directing or controlling the work", but if you just hired the company to fix your hurricane-damged roof and left it up to them to get it done, you and your insurance carrier would probably have a good defense. If you were served with a Summons and Complaint, or received a letter from the injured worker's attorney, mail, fax or fedex it to your insurance carrier. They should take care of it from there.

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