November 13, 2017


I have a lawsuit against the NYPD, for what I claim to be a false arrest. It has dragged on for a few years and about 2 years ago, I went for a 50-h hearing at a law firm representing the city. I am to be deposed in a few months , I assume by NYC themselves because I have to give the deposition at 100 Church St. I am guessing that many of the same questions will be asked, as before. I want to be as consistent with my answers as I was back then. I've never heard of a memory improving with age.


Technically, the purpose of a 50-h is different to that of a deposition, so you will need to answer at your deposition questions that were asked at the 50-h. The only thing you can do really is to read your 50-h transcript and know what you already testified to. If you were truthful at the 50-h - as the theory goes - you should have nothing to worry about in your deposition when confronted with the same questions. If your case goes to trial, you will have to answer the same questions again in open court. You lawyer should be explaining all this to you. Good luck.

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