July 22, 2014


a terrorist letter composed by Mary Moran & found it attached 2 my email account while using computer 6 on May 6, 2006. in SIBL @ 188 Madison Ave in NY. When I brought it 2 the attention of the dir. of the EIC on the lower level he instructed me 2 delete it & forget it. I saved it in a special file 2 b submitted 2 FBI 4 evidence which was later deleted by an unknown hacker. The library blocked jobs applied 4 on their computers . I submitted > 100 resumes a day 7 days a week 45 weeks out of the year. An attorney found they were calling potential employers and telling them I was mentally ill & paranoid even after I was found normal & passed a psych exam. The damages had a rippling negative effect keeping me from securing work. Can I bring legal action against the SIBL


Presumably, the computers are owned by the library, so they can curtail use and delete whatever they want. Bear in mind that your claim goes all the way back to 2006. A NY defamation case needs to be filed within one year, so your eight year old claim is way past the statute of limitations.

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