I wrote on a website "f*ck you [name of person] I love you" and I got sued for defamation. Is this for real?

July 30, 2014


I was sued by the person named in the sentence. I also had random photos on the page, like a popstar, an alpaca, a promo for a tv show and a popular night club. He claims all the photos can show him in bad light and are defaming him. For instance, it implies he goes to night clubs or is comparable to an alpaca (whatever that means) which is demeaning to him. The guy who sued me is a lawyer. Is this real or will a judge just toss it out?


I think an alpaca is some kind of llama but yes, you're going to need a lawyer to fight this. Presumably he filed the suit to force you to take the offending posts down... .

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