September 29, 2017


I went into the hospital August 18 of this year and ended up getting my appendix out after five days of akready being in the hospital. The surgeon had told me my appendix was ok and I get let home to be in sever pain in my stomach going into my back for several days. A couple weeks later I had gone to my after surgery appt and told my surgeon on numerous occasions that I’m not feeling well and my stomach and back were hurting and everyone wouldn’t listen to me cuz they thought I possibly just wanted more pain meds and I possibly was askow beaker. Well I finally made myself go to the hospital on a Sunday and they admitted me due to seeing collections formed in my stomach going into my back area so I was readmitted and had a drain tube out in which did t get all the collection out so they did surgery and had to scrape pockets of collections out of me. I was in the hospital for 6 days and finally got to go home and followed back up yesterday to get my drain out and now we are waiting a week for me to go back and have a scan done to see if everything healed or not, I have suffered a lot this past month and lost time at work and someone had told me I could possibly have a case


As the others have said, a lot will depend on your damages. If - after you've had your chart reviewed - it turns out you had a 'suppurative' appendix, leaking fluid into your abdominal cavity, when it should have been taken out AND you suffered significant damage - further surgery, loss of fertility, etc. - you MAY have a case. Other scenarios include the surgeon's failure to properly close the wound after removing the appendix, leaving you with internal bleeding, infection etc.. The bottom line is, you need to have your chart reviewed. Get it and take it to a med mal attorney. Good luck.

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