May 28, 2014


I was 20 weeks pregnant when I went to a sonogram appointment at kings county hospital when the young lady that attended to me realize something was wrong ,spoke to her superior and came back and told me we have to go to the fifth floor then realize I was brought to labor and delivery. After waiting there for more than five hours unattended I saw a doctor eventually was told I was ruptured and I was loosing water.I was admitted to the hospital then a stitch was put in five days after, then one when i got to six-month I was able to be on the non-stress monitor.then a nurse realise my baby heart beat dropped to much as she told me a doctor have to see you so she took the paper from the machine and send it to her, and she told me she is going to drop the paper herself to make sure she see m


Although you can never be fully compensated for your loss, parents of unborn children may have a claim if the death of the unborn baby was caused by the negligence of medical personnel. If you were a high-risk pregnancy for example, and the hospital's own protocols were not observed, you may have a claim. If I am understanding your post correctly, a uterine rupture is a very serious complication, and waiting five hours to be seen by an obstetrician is way too long. You haven't given us much more facts to go on, but please understand that in NY there is a time limit (called a 'statute of limitations') to file any medical malpractice lawsuit of 2 1/2 years from the date of the malpractice or from the end of continuous treatment from the party you intend to sue. Since this happened in 2012, do not delay; make an appointment with a med mal attorney right away.

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