June 2, 2014


I went for an mammogram apt. Regular visit, the woman made me squat about 1 ft lower rather then raising the machine, like before. I told her it hurt me, but she would not raise it. I ended up in the ER, due to pain, in my neck and arms, back. After ex rays and mri's to find out, there are 2 bulging disks, and pinched nerves. I was told it was due to the mammogram. After a lot of crying and calls. The original office called and said they would be paying all my medical bills. Can I have more done, pain and suffering? Are they showing guilt? I may have permanent damage to my arm. What else can be done? I feel scared and alone. I have always taken care of myself although I am 67 yrs old, never have I gone through something like this. Pls help.UPDATE: The office where I was hurt called me directly, on Friday, last week. The woman said to me, no one would be calling me anymore, except for her. She also told me that once my medical bills started coming, to bring them to the office and they will be paying all my bills related to the injury occured to me. Question: Is this in someway a possible admission of guilt? That the tech did something wrong to me? Is this proof enough? Please help, I have tried to call lawyers.


At 67, there is a distinct possibility you had pre-existing bulging discs (with impingement). It's very common. If you ask any orthopedic surgeon, they'll tell you most people get them as they age. My question is, who told you it was due to the mammogram? While it is possible that making you squat 1ft lower caused some strain in your back, I'm sorry to sound skeptical, but any lawyer who took this case would have their work cut out for them proving your bulging discs were caused by the mammogram. You are, of course, free to disregard my opinon,

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