I was in a car accident when making right turn into the right lane when i noticed A double parked cab.

January 20, 2015


. i was making a right turn into the right lane when i noticed A double parked cab.with no hazard lights on i tried to avoid the cab but i hit it on the left side and my right side bumper was damaged. me and my father was alil hurt do to the fact i turned the car to the left trying to avoid the cab causing neck and back issues we are currently going to therapy .. do you think i have a case ,.


It's a tough case, since you saw the double-parked taxi before hitting it. The owner/operator of an illegally parked vehicle may be held somewhat liable for an accident that would not have otherwise occurred but for their double-parked presence on the roadway, but it will depend highly on the circumstances. A post-accident photo showing the position of the vehicles is very important. You almost always have to litigate cases involving NYC yellow cabs. Take a copy of the Police Report and any medical records relating to the accident to an attorney. Good luck.

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