I was hit by a pick up truck who sped up on a right turn. He hit my right side. Soreness in abdomen and rib area from trauma.

January 7, 2015


Filed a police report and spent day in hospital ER getting CT scan, etc. Diagnosis for now- abdomen trauma and rib contusion. The driver fled the scene when the police arrived. I have his license number, drivers license info. and company name as he was driving a co. car. There should be consequences for his actions and for fleeing the scene. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you


You don't want to get stuck with the medical bills. Also you would be entitled to make a bodily injury claim for compensation, and have lost wages paid, etc. Don't delay, and turn this matter over to a personal injury lawyer, so that you don't have to worry about it. At the very least, contact your own insurance company and let them know. Best of luck.

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