November 25, 2014


into the city to drop him off at college then picked up some scripts and headed on. On the road in front of my apartment I just blacked out , flipped the car and hit a group of trees. Jaws of life were used after they got me out the car starter on fire. They thought they put the fire out but as the car was taken to a tow yard the fire continued and took the whole car. I was just released from the hospital after being admitted for 10 days. I had several fractures on my nose that required surgery, A broken bone in my back and extensive bruising. I need an attorney in the Rochester , NY area. I contacted William Mattar and they were not interested because there wasn't another car involved. My interest is in suing Mirapex. I have never been rested and bblacked out while driving. I have been


It's not my area but if you do a search for Miraplex class action lawsuits, you could contact the plaintiff's firms and they might be interested. Good luck.

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