June 5, 2014


Friend or whomever..This person "accidentally" misses a step on my patio and falls sustaining an injury..Fracture or a cut.. If I am renting the property, am I liable for any damages in terms of paying for the medical bills of the person if they were to sue me? Let's say it was his/her own fault that he or she fell..Either because the person accidentally "missed a step" or let's say he/she was intoxicated on their own , which contributed to their fall /injury..In other words, I was neither directly or indirectly involved or near the person when the accident happened. Also, if there was no defect (ie: missing or cracked step, etc) OR would this be a case only if the person who sustained the injury can prove that it was somehow my fault or because of my neglect somehow, someway?


If there was no defect, and everything was "up to code", you had nothing to do with it, and this person was blind drunk and missed the step, they wouldn't have a leg to stand on. If you get a letter from this person's lawyer, you should have a consultation with an attorney to cover yourself.

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