August 17, 2018


I have a POA for an elderly female family friend. She has no other friends or family and has been admitted to a nursing home and diagnosed with dementia. I have been signing documents for the nursing home so that they can submit medicaid applications on her behalf and I have been following up on her wellbeing. Her coop building desperately requested access to premises so they could bring in an exterminator for a roach infestation that worsened since shes been in nursing home. An officer and attorney said I could be present during extermination and hold on to the keys from apt. While there coop requested that I throw away all spoiled food and also locate necessary documents to provide to nursing home for medicaid application. Did I do something wrong, and can I get into trouble for having been in her apt? Coop board members and super were the ones who entered and obtained access to apt and were present.


You might want to sit down with an Elder Law attorney to discuss your situation. The powers conferred by a NY Durable Power of Attorney are listed in the document itself, and can be quite broad, but it sounds like you did nothing wrong.

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