March 10, 2015


I went to Cleveland Clinic after having surgery here in Buffalo because I was in constant pain and I was getting nowhere with my surgeon I was told to come back after a year as it takes one year to fully heal I went back month ago and I was told that my foot is deformed there is no way to correct it unless I have extensive surgery but they could not guarantee that I would be pain free As I am in chronic pain everyday my foot is deformed I can't straighten my toesI can enjoy the things that I used to do I now have left hip pain from compensating for my right foot I am going to see a chiropractor I also can no longer take motrin to help with the pain the last time I took motrin I ended up in the emergency room with GI bleed I've been told by medical profes to pursue this legally


Post-op care in podiatric surgery cases is the most contentious issue in these types of cases. Let me guess (because you don't say it), did you have screws placed in the bones of your foot during surgery, and it was later found that there was non-union of the bones? (I've dealt with this before). The correct placement of the screws requires that there be sufficient "purchase" with the bones to accomplish union, however, if you put weight on it too soon, you can cause non-union without any malpractice having occurred. If at the Cleveland Clinic they told you the original surgery was botched, I'd say you might have a good case.

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