I had Plantar Fasciitis surgery and he cut my main nerve. Is this a good reason for a Malpractice ??

August 26, 2016


As a result of this I have no feeling in my foot. It has been almost 3 months with no improvements and now my toes are starting to curl into a claw foot position. He admitted that he cut the nerve and said we can hope for the best. I have a hard time walking on my foot and I am over compensating in areas and my is swollen.


Plantar fasciitis release surgery is supposed to release the ligament and should not result in damage to the plantar nerve or any of its branches. That this happened to you most likely was due to poor technique on the part of the surgeon - he wasn't supposed to sever any nerves, and he knows it. It certainly looks like you have a classic case of podiatric malpractice.

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