I had a Total knee revision done on July 2014 which has left me disable, can I hold the doctor liable?

July 25, 2018


The second Total knee revision was perform on July 2014 and it has left me more disable than ever. Today I was supposed to go.for a third Total Knee replacement but.the hospital cancelled last night due to lack of equipment. Can I hold some one responsible for all my pain and suffering. To top it all I'm hooked on pain meds that are affecting my body. Thank you ... Please help


If you're looking to file suit over a surgical error in July 2014, you've passed the Statue of Limitations for medical malpractice cases (which is usually 2 1/2 years). If there was error, you probably would have noticed it soon after your 2014 surgery. Knee replacements do not last forever, and revisions sometimes need to be done, unfortunately.

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