I am a tlc driver what kind of lawyer do i need for an accident?

February 25, 2015


I am a tlc driver, last year while working a pedestrian walked against a green light into my car. He was badly injured. There was witness that said he walked into the street while the light was green and it says so on the police report. 9 months pass and I received a summons and complaint from the pedestrian, saying that he was suing for his injuries. Now that I am trying to renew my insurance, no one will accept me and now I am out of a job, because this man walked into the street in green lighti already contacted my insurance and gave them the summons, they are already dealing with the guy that is trying to sue, my problem is that no insurance is trying to accept me, and now i am out of a job. Do I need a lawyer or should I just start think about changing jobs?


I think the question is about whether a car insurance co. can drop you as an insured because you got into an accident. The answer is yes, they can, for various reasons. They are private companies after all, and insurance is a temporary contract. However, you should shop around for an "assigned risk" policy, however be prepared to pay a higher premium. Maybe the TLC or DMV can help you find one. I'm sure you're not the first NYC taxi driver to be in the situation. Best of luck.

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