May 12, 2014


i was abused as a kid by my mom and moms husband physical and emotional abuse , later on i developed depression , bipolar disorder from trauma, lack of supervision my mom kicked me out at 14 and i ended up being kidnapped and molested . i had the police called with false statements on me as a child deliberately just to be sent to the hospital for evaluation , i was forced on medication that made me gain a lot of weight and now I'm obese because of this, i was locked in a dark room as a child and suffered abuse (pants being pulled down and being beating with a hanger) , i was not allowed to hang out with other children , and called names as of now I'm unstable i can't keep a job i have memory loss from medications i was forced on and i have speech problems , I've been depressed ever since


I agree with my colleagues. May I suggest you call the NYC children's hotline 866-505-SAFE (7233). Hopefully someone can get you the help you need. Consider stopping in at a local church to seek help there, if you're more comfortable with that. You have to ask for help to get it. You're young and have your whole life ahead of you. There's no point in being miserable. Best of luck.

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