How to get the original surgical pics for the injury evidence?

January 20, 2015


These pics demonstrate an unhealed injury . They show that my claim of permanent injury is true.
The pics were taken by other surgeon who is not a defendant,but the surgical report does not state the injury ,only the pics showing it and he showed the injury to me on the pics.
My former attorney asked me to hand them to him for a safer guarding. I made copies for myself. When an attorney was withdrawing from the case and said I did not have a case, I asked to return the pics back to me,but he said he does not have them. I do not owe anything to an attorney. My many attempts to get the pics back failed. Can I use my copiy I made and stored on my PC file ? I do not want to expose myself to hazard gadolinium MRI to prove myself right.


I assume you're talking about intra-operative photographs, Copies as fine - unless their authenticity is challenged, you won't need the originals.

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