October 5, 2018


I met up with my roommate after she got out of work and me from a doctors appointment. I recently been diagnosed with Raynauds, Possible Scleroderma, complex regional pain syndrome, waste away syndrome, and now osteoporosis. Im 5"10 and 103lbs on good day.

The Green NYC cab got to our apartment. Paid $10+$2 tip. The car was at a full stop. My roommate exited the right back passenger door and went around the back to me. I opened the drivers side back door and stepped out. As the door was open, I reached in the cab to retrieve my bag. The car starts moving and I Yell! Next thing I know the wheel is on my foot!! I was banging on the side to tell him your tire is on my foot! I saw my friend run to the driver to tell him to move up! He didnt realize his car was on my foot! He freaked out. Told me to try to walk and sit in his car. My roommate said lets go to the hospital. The cabbie said OK. He pulled us in the emergency room entrance and let me out. He said he was going to park in that spot and come in. EMT noticed something happened to me and came to assist me with a wheelchair. He then stated he's leaving. He will tell the police it just became a hit and run.


If you have a foot fracture, torn ligament or other serious injury, you would have a case worth pursuing, in my opinion. If you paid cash and don't have the cab #, it may be tough to track down this driver, however, there is a State insurance fund for hit-and-run or uninsured car accident cases, which would include medical expenses. You need to get the police report, and then talk to a personal injury lawyer.

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