January 31, 2018


I was at a concert held at my University, The crowd got out of control, me and two other people attempted to get the attention of the security guards in front of us but they completely ignored us. The crowd pushed and I ended up getting pushed to the ground and trampled, I completely passed out, no alcohol or drugs were in my system. I went to the hospital and they aided my injuries but I still have Post concussion syndrome, spinal injury of the first two vertebrates, and PTSD, Insomnia, and anxiety all connected to this incident. I attempted to reach out to them but no, response, I finally got a hold of their insurance company to pay my hospital bill, but still has not gotten done and no cooperation either. This accident happened 4/30/2017.


You're unlikely to get anywhere with this without a lawyer. Similar cases usually involve the performer, promoter, venue and security company - they should all be put on notice. If you can prove your case - try to obtain video clips of the crowd control problem, from social media or friend's cell phones, whatever - the seriousness of your injury and extent of treatment will determine the amount. Consult a personal injury lawyer. Good luck.

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