November 4, 2014


01/2012 Spinal fusion revision
It failed; I was in the hospital for over 8 days with a really bad infection.
The surgeon continued seeing me for almost a year and never disclosed that the procedure failed and the fusion never fused. The office pawned me off to long term pain management. I looked for a new surgeon for over a year in a half with no success. I finally found one that is honest and getting revision surgery. I was told that not only do I need revision surgery but I need at least a double fusion now because of the damage done.
Looking for a malpractice attorney to look over my records and curious to see the average timeframe on this type of case.


Averages are not much help - there are so many variables, however, you should be worrying about the statute of limitations, as the others have warned. Get your medical records and set up an appointment with a med mal attorney quickly. Bring your current surgeon's records as well - especially anything that addresses the initial surgery. If you're in Rockland, you have a few firms to choose from. Use the search feature.

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