July 3, 2018


We have an open case for wrongful death.
Lawyer started the case and is still open
We have evidence that Hospital made lots of mistakes
We have audio and video evidence that my mother was hurt while in the hospital
My mother was given without telling us morphine they even did not asked us if she was allergic to
We had meetings that are recorded with Hospital directors and doctors where they acknowledge they made mistakes.
Hospital severely injured her hand, cuts, that caused an stroke and was not treated only after a week
Also caused her an injury to her foot that hospital refused to cure
Hospital gave her morphine without our consent and this was every time we try to transfer her to another hospital
We have all her medical files from the hospital and we noticed they gave her wrong medicines
Case is still open but lawyer for some reason that we do not know stopped talking to us and stop communicating with us since 1 year ago.
We have all the originals and we prepared them for the lawyer as per his request.

We appreciate your help.


You need a new lawyer to "substitute in" for your old attorney. It's odd that that you haven't been able to speak with them for a year. I wonder if the case was ever filed... If it was, there would have been court appearances on the case during that time.

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