September 24, 2015


I came on business visa and recently met with an accident, driver was mexican and his license was suspended and his insurance expired on 9/20/2015. What should I do? who will take care of all expenses in this case. in police report nothing mentioned w.r.t suspended license and expired insurance. My leg has fractures and require surgery, Please suggest what I should do?


OK, so you are a foreign national temporarily in the US on a business visa, and you were out walking and had the misfortune to be hit by a car with apparently expired insurance (maybe he was waiting for his renewal in the mail since it was just 4 days ago the coverage apparently expired.). Driving on a suspended license may be another issue, and his insurer may disclaim coverage, but with a broken leg requiring surgery, you will be on the hook for major hospital and medical bills here in the U.S. if you don't LAWYER- UP.. If you don't have private medical insurance for your trip, you may well be in a bind.. MVAIC only applies to residents. In many ways, your situation is a perfect storm of bad luck. Personal Injury lawyers in NYC won't charge you to take the case - they get paid from the proceeds at the end, provided there are funds available. Get a lawyer to pursue this driver's insurance carrier immediately.

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