Elder Abuse? Personal Injury and Wrongful Death? Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect? What recourse for wrongdoing do I have?

November 7, 2014


My Mother was in transitional care rehabilitation facility post-surgery for inpatient physical therapy in Upstate, New York. She suffered more than one injury at the hands of a staff physical therapist. Facility tried to deny wrong doing divorcing themselves from liability which resulted in further neglect to her care. Upon immediate family members demanding (they were not cooperating) she be transported to ER at nearby hospital (health was spiraling downward rapidly) she did in fact arrive with several life threatening conditions; 1) blood pressure very low; 2) severe dehydration; 3) multiple severe compression fractures; 3) INR levels too high, level 5; She died a painful death four days later. Attorney debt collector for facility mailed $20,000 bill while admitted to hospital.


Based on what you've told us, it looks like a case of Nursing Home neglect. With low B/P and elevated INR, my guess it was a cardiac event. Did you get an autopsy report? There's a lot of investigating that needs to be done. You're going to need a good lawyer, and all her records will need to be reviewed by an expert. Best of luck.

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